Photograph by Aaron Parsons

Photograph by Aaron Parsons


I’m SJ Sherwood and I write novels with a thriller twist. I grew up in a small town in rural England and often dreamt of escaping to the bright lights of a big city, something I did over twenty years ago.  I’m fascinated by the Stoics and their practical advice.  Much of my work is driven by the disconnect between our reality versus the world we encounter. I find it a great hunting ground for drama as well as personal growth. I try each day to allocate the precious gift of time wisely.  

I’ve been an actor, a waiter, driven an ice-cream van, worked in an Investment Bank and sold financial software, but the one constant in my life has been my passion for character-driven storytelling.  

The Denounced is my debut dystopian thriller and is primarily for the young adult reader.  

I live in London with my wife, our gorgeous son, and Cookie the smiling Shitzu. 

I love butter and coffee.