The Denounced: Book 2 Shifting Horizons – the making of book 2

How quickly life can change is a cliché and it’s a cliché for a reason – it’s true. If I take a step back, I self-published because I’d reached a point whereby I’d had enough of being rejected. It left me with two clear choices. I either called it a day and used my time to do something else or I continued to write under a different model. While I debated my next journey in life the idea for The Denounced came to me.

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Why I Self-Published

SJ Sherwood, author of The Denounced series, discusses why he opted to self-publish, and the things he learned along the way...

Somebody once told me that everything you want sits just outside of your comfort zone. It was advice I was ignoring. My writing story was a familiar one: I’d have an idea, it would excite me and I would slowly bring it to life. Once I had my precious gem all shiny, I would send out to agents with repressed dreams that would keep me buoyant for weeks. But slowly, my self-esteem was attacked with each new rejection that pinged into my inbox. Those rejections hurt, but worse, I’d started to become anaesthetised to whole process.

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